Graham Malkan’s Aims and Values

Usually businesses set their aims first and then their values. One aim of every business is to make money and be profitable. How they go about that is defined by their values. For many businesses the number of stakeholders involved means that their beliefs and values are secondary to the requirement to make a profit.

Of course, I need to sustain a living. Like anyone, I have bills to pay and need money to pay them However, it is an easier balancing act between my beliefs and values, and monetary demands. Therefore I will explain my beliefs and values first and then my aims from a customer perspective:

My Beliefs and Values

1. Equality and Fairness – I believe that the customer deserves a fair price for quality work. Every price is my best price, whether they are a friend or a new acquaintance. I source the materials at the best price I can and add a reasonable price for my labour.

2. Transparency – I believe that clients should receive as accurate a quote as is possible prior to making decisions. There may be instances whereby I cannot assess completely accurately the cost. I do not deliberately under quote with provisos. Therefore the price quoted will be reasonably accurate. Whilst undertaking the work, I may uncover further problems which were not visible and which I did not allow for, such as rotten timbers. In these cases I will discuss the problem at the earliest opportunity, providing as many options to the customer to solve the issue.

My Aims

1. To transform houses into homes which reflect their owner’s personality.

2. To provide a living area which is attractive, relaxing and functional.

3. To provide quality, durable work for a reasonable price.


Should you have any issues with the work whilst I am undertaking it then please do raise it immediately with me.

I also guarantee my own work for one month after finishing and should there be any issues that come to light within that time, please do not hesitate to contact me.

However, if the issues are with the products that I have bought, these are separate warranties and you will need to contact the manufacturer who should rectify the issue at no cost to yourself. If the issues are with another tradesperson that has been used on the project then please contact the other tradesperson who should rectify the issue at no cost to yourself.

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