Bathrooms, Wet rooms and Showers

Bathrooms, wet rooms and showers are areas of the house where water is prevalent. Water can get everywhere and can cause havoc in a house if the design of the bathroom is poor or the work is not quality work. Water can not only be a tripping hazard but slowly cause rot and structural damage. Fitting a bathroom properly is important for the health of the house.

Whether you need a whole bathroom refurbishment, a tailor made under-the-sink cabinet or to maximise your airing cupboard, I can help.

Bathroom, wet room and shower examples

For example, I once refurbished a bathroom, that was designed for an elderly lady. When I was consulted, the customer was adamant that she wanted a wet room. The space was small. It was possible but the result would have been that to use the toilet, she would likely have needed to walk through a wet floor every day. This would have increased her risk of falling, rather than decreased it. I advised a large shower cubicle and insetting the shower tray, so that there was the most minimal of lips. This made it very difficult for her to trip over. The result was stunning, practical and as safe as I could make it for her.

A tricky, fiddly piece of work that I did for one customer in a bathroom was creating a curved, tiled bath panel. The actual bath was expensive. It actually worked out more cost effective for me to design a bath panel for their existing bath. Again, I thought about the practical elements of their requirement at a future date. The bath panel can be easily removed should they need access to pipes underneath. The decorative handles make the removal easy and make the heavy panel easy to lift.

I take pride in my work and I expect it to last. I will project manage the work for you, organising quality plumbers, electricians and plasterers if required. These tradesmen are the same tradesmen that I will use on my own home and I expect the same standards of work from them, when utilising them for a client as I would for my home. Many of them I have known and worked with for most of my professional life.

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