Contemporary, modern bathrooms

The original bathroom was the bland bath suites that are provided when a house is built. My task was to turn the room into a striking contemporary, modern bathroom.

This was naturally a small bathroom. However, the current bathroom also had some paneling to hide pipes which minimized the space even further. So I had to think how I could make the most effective use of the space available.

Maximising Space

To maximise the storage space, I took back the paneling to the bare minimum required to cover the water pipes and turned the sink unit around. This gave sufficient room for a storage unit both below the sink and also a tall unit beside the sink. The mirror, also provided additional storage with speakers for blue tooth connection to music devices. Music is easily available when bathing or showering, without taking additional appliances in.

I placed a long radiator with a mirror behind the door, again making the best use of the space available. The space couldn’t be used for anything else but now provided both heating and an additional long mirror.

The colour scheme contemporary and modern in black and grey, with two different tiles used to create a striking effect. Chrome mirrored tiling bars were used to match the chrome taps and shower and to add the finishing touch to the room. The dark tiles, offset the sparkling white ceramic bath, toilet and sink, providing a strong colour contrast.

The overall effect is a modern bathroom which has all of the mod-cons, enough space for it not to feel claustrophobic but cosy enough for a long, hot bath in mood lighting with music playing.

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