Designer Bath Panel

My client had a broken path panel for a very expensive bath that they wished to keep. Purchasing a new replacement bath panel only was extremely expensive. This can be the case where replacement parts appear disproportionately expensive to the original purchase. Whilst the option of having a bespoke design made may have appeared expensive, it actually was a saving on the alternatives. I suggested that I could design one using tiles, that would stand the test of time and water leakages.

Finding bespoke solutions

As always, my designs are built to last. I used quality materials and ensured the underlying structure was capable of supporting the weight. I also considered future requirements. For example I made sure the panel could easily be removed should there be a need for the bath to be repaired in the future.

It was not an easy piece of work due to the curvature of the shape. I had to redo the underlying structural work a couple of times as I did not feel that I had got it quite right.

I also put handles on the bath panel so that it could easily be lifted off in the future. Anyone could remove the panel by cutting the surrounding sealant and then the handles protect the panel from damage, whilst it is lifted off.

The end result was a beautiful tiled bath panel which will last for many years, possibly now outliving the bath itself.

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