Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy the materials myself and for you to do the fitting?

Yes, if you have bought the materials yourself then I can just undertake the fitting. However, it may be more cost effective for me to source the materials on your behalf. I have good relationships with the traders I use. They often give me a better price and I also have trade discounts which will apply.

Can I ask you to do the construction work and for me to finish off the treatment/painting?

Yes, but I am only responsible for the work that I undertake. Sometimes the quality and level of finishing of the work will affect the quality and lifespan of the whole project. Should later faults emerge due to the customer’s poor finishing, then the customer takes responsibility.

What geographical area will you cover without charging extra for the travel?

This will depend on the size of the project. For larger projects it becomes cost effective for me to travel further. However, I will inform customers if I think that the distance has caused an increase to my usual charge. I believe in transparency and that customers should receive quality work consistent to the price being paid.

Will you work with local tradesmen that I know?

Yes, if you wish to source your own tradesman, then I am happy to liaise with them and undertake the project with them. However, as you have sourced them then I will not remain on site to project manage their work.

Can I see any of your work?

It is difficult to invite you around to a previous customer’s house. However, I have built a workshop and tool outbuilding for myself and have slowly refurbished my own family home. Should you wish to view this then I am sure we can arrange a visit.

What are the payment terms?

As I am a sole tradesman I expect payment on completion of the work. This can either be cash or a BACS payment to my bank account. My bank details will be on the invoice. If I have to buy materials up front, dependent on the cost of these, I may ask for a deposit.

What is your timespan from taking the work to completion?

When quoting for the job I will give you an idea of the timespan. I do one job at a time and complete it. I do not juggle multiple jobs at the same time, causing unnecessary delays. Working on a house always causes a disruption in a household whilst the work is being carried out. This can be in the form of a room decommissioned or just the mess or noise. Once I am commissioned, I will schedule you in. This may change by an odd day, due to another job overrunning. However, once I am working for you, I will work solely for you until completion.

What warranties and guarantees do you provide with your work?

I generally expect customers to have identified any defects in the work, within a month of completion. During this time, if it is a labour fault I will correct my work free of charge.

Often, however, the faults are not workmanship but manufacturer faults with materials such as showers, dishwashers, ovens etc. If I have purchased them on your behalf, then I will try and support you with a resolution. However often the supplier or manufacturer will only communicate with the end purchaser directly. As I purchase from quality suppliers there are usually good warranties attached to these items. Should the fault be due to customer’s use then again I would be willing to support the resolution of the issue. There may be a charge to cover any my costs I incur, including time.

If I have arranged other trades people on your behalf then I will advise you, provide you with their contact details and support a resolution if I am able to. The other trades people are responsible for their own work.

I charge customers transparently for my time and labour. I do not make a profit from the re-sale of materials or supporting customers by finding other trades people.

Contact Graham Lee Malkan

Should you wish to discuss any of the questions above in more detail then please do contact me; my mobile number is 07799 850237, my landline is 01480 764334 , my e-mail is or you can use the contact form. I will respond to you privately and also update the above list.

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