Tiled roof being constructed on outhouse

I am proud to have had the privilege to support many home-owners in turning their houses into homes. Making their houses suit their lifestyles and personalities. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to do the same for you!

I enjoy creating beautiful rooms, building or furniture. Prior to beginning, I can visualise the finished product and I know what it is that I want to achieve. If something hasn’t gone quite right which affects the quality, then I will redo it. I will do this if it is visible to the eye or if it is not visible to eye. I like to leave the work knowing that it is of high quality and worthy of the price that I am charging.

If possible, I delight in being able to see a transformation through to it’s completion. A customer can finish off the work if they wish by painting or treating themselves, to save money. I do prefer though to be in a position to quality control as far as is possible the project through to completion. That way, I know the customer has achieved their vision and I enjoy the personal satisfaction and sense of pride I get from the finished article.

Below is some of the work that I have undertaken which covers bathrooms, kitchens, bespoke furniture and out buildings.

If you wish to see more or have a particular project in mind then do not hesitate to contact me on 07799 850237, 01480 764334 or or use the contact page here.

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