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Aims, Values and Lifelong Learning

I am a sole trader and it tends to be large organisations who promote their mission statements, aims and values. However, just because I am a sole trader does not mean that I don’t maintain strong values. Being a sole trader, there is one advantage and that is that I am in control of them.

If I were to articulate my values or accomplishments I would say that my aim was to walk away from a job with the customer having been charged a fair price for the work that was undertaken and to receive a review along the lines of “Graham Malkan offered good customer service, listened to what we thought we wanted and designed and installed what we required.  He provided expert advice which improved our vision and undertook the work with care and attention to detail which led to a stunning finished product.”  A satisfied customer always makes my day.

So, I am going to give some thought to communicating my values and beliefs on my website as well as in my behaviour to customers.

My Values and Beliefs

For example, I am innovative and a life-learner.  I do keep up to date with the best materials to do a job and won’t skimp on quality, up-to-date materials.  I enjoy the challenge of coming up with new ideas and designs. Making a house into a home is something that I get real enjoyment from and I want the end result to last.

Having a professional make something for you is often not the cheapest option. Manufactured, off the production line furniture is far less expensive. This is why my aim is to create something that you will enjoy and that is unique to you.

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