Our Building Extension

We have started an exciting project.  I say we, but my partner is wisely leaving most of the project up to me!  Her interest is only that our house has additional space to allow her to work from home and to house our family and growing number of grandchildren, and that the poor work undertaken by the previous builders is tidied up and rectified.

Designing and project managing the extension

We are extending the house and moving many of the internal walls in order to make our existing rooms much bigger.  I am sure many of you can sympathise with new builds where the rooms are marketed as double bedrooms but you can only just squeeze a double bed into it, with minimalistic other furniture. 

I have worked with an architect to draw up the plans that I wanted.  Whilst we are only gaining one additional room and two additional bathrooms, virtually all of the rooms in the house are going to be enlarged so that they can house sufficient storage space as well as the essential furniture that is required for that particular room.

Choosing a builder to work with

I am no brickie so I have chosen to work with Glynn from GFP Developments.  Glynn was extremely competitive and to date, has been completely on the ball.  Him and his lads are cracking on with the work and his lads do work hard.  We have got months of major upheaval but with Glynn, we do feel that he will keep to his promise and that the work will be finished by October/November, ready for Christmas.

In fact, they may need to slow down as I have to fit in my bit as well as continuing to do work for my beloved clients. 

Inspirational Interiors

So most of the internal work is going to be mine and I reckon in total it is about 3 months work.  I will be doing stud walls, creating en-suite bathrooms, creating a beautiful new, large kitchen, creating new furniture for the bedrooms and the living room.  My son, Tyler, is wanting to follow in my footsteps and learn carpentry and I am keen to try and give him the opportunity to shadow me and also to try on areas where I am on hand to correct and is not so time-bound.  Helping me on this personal project is an ideal opportunity for me to support his training and development.

It is going to be an exciting year and I hope to share with you the work that I do.  If it inspires you in your endeavours to make your house your home then please do get in contact with me.  I will have designed this from the structural plans through to completion – my biggest project to date.

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