Protecting my clients

It is worrying for clients that they may not just be inviting trades people into their home but also inviting the coronavirus into their house. I aim to keep my clients safe and to take appropriate safety measures at all times.

The Government is encouraging businesses to carry on as long as their guidance is followed and precautions are taken.

Protective Measures

I would therefore like to reassure my clients as to the measures that I am and will continue to take.

  1.  I have had the Covid 19 vaccination.
  2. I will maintain at least 2 metres (3 steps) from you.  This is easy to do should it be outside work required but I will also ensure that whilst working inside that the appropriate distance is maintained.
  3. I am happy to wear a mask and thin plastic gloves, for the duration that I am within your house.
  4. I always carry sanitiser on me, and I do wash my hands frequently and thoroughly, using soap.
  5. Should I need to use a tissue due to  sneeze then I will ensure that it is disposed of in a safe manner, outside of your home.
  6. Should I be displaying any symptoms compatible with coronavirus then I will immediately take a coronavirus test. If it is positive I will self isolate.

This has been a difficult financial period for tradesman and the self-employed as we do not have the financial reserves that larger companies may have.  However, I only need to mix with a few people which is a considerable advantage. I do not report to or need to attend a large workplace or mix with different colleagues.  I am mainly only exposed to to my family and the clients that I work for. 

Rest assured that I will be doing my utmost to keep my family and my clients safe and well.

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