Guarantees and Warranties

I guarantee my work for one month. During that time should you notice any issues then I will return, without charge to discuss them with you and to seek a resolution. If my work is the reason for the fault then I will rectify this. You will not be charged for the labour to do so. If the materials are faulty then I will advise you as to what you can do to seek redress and we will discuss a solution.

Materials are charged at cost. I do not make a profit on them. I use quality suppliers and the materials which therefore come with their own guarantees and warranties . As I am purchasing on your behalf at cost then as the purchaser you do usually need to deal directly with the manufacturer or supplier. Any warranties and guarantees given are against your name.

I recommend other tradespeople, who I have worked with before and whose work is known to be of a high standard. I can oversee the project in terms of ensuring that their work is undertaken to the design and that it is visually of a professional standard. However, the trades people are not subcontractors and I do not make a profit from the recommendation. Should there be issues with their work I can provide contact details and advise to the customer. The customer would need to liaise with the contractor directly as the contract and payment is between the two parties.

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