Framework for shed

Working at Home

For myself and many other self-employed the coronavirus is a difficult time with external work being put on hold. However, I have hope of life returning to normal and work likewise and whilst I am not enjoying the lack of funds, I am preparing for more future work and undertaking work at home. My preparations include building a large shed at home to house my tools. My partner requires it to look “pretty”. I will let you judge for yourselves whether I am achieving this ……

I have designed it so that the finished result should give us a number of advantages;

  1. An enclosed porch area for entering the garage.
  2. A lovely patio area around the shed, for barbeques and other family events.
  3. An attractive feature looking out from the house windows.
  4. A dry area to keep tools and to work for myself with extra storage in the roof.

The shed will also have some lights which have movement sensors and also some which can be switched on to light up the patio area. The whole construction should outlive me, if maintained.

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