Review of DJL Electrical Services

I have worked with Dan for over 17 years now, utilising his services as an electrician when required.  Whilst I have the skills to do electrical work, it is not my area of expertise. When I undertake and oversee large projects, I want the best professionals to work with, if at all possible.  Plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, tiling, decorating, they all have a level of interchangeable skills but like with any area of expertise, things move on.   Specialising in one area leads to better knowledge on changes in the industry and the best materials to use.  That’s why I will recommend other tradesman and organise for them to undertake work on my projects.  I want the best for my clients, the knowledge and experience that sometimes only comes when a tradesman is concentrating on one specialised area of work.


So, last week, Dan came down to St Ives to check and finish off the electrical work for our outbuilding.  I got some much appreciated compliments on my preliminary wiring.  As Dan’s work as an electrician is excellent, I was pleased that I had met his very high standards. Yet cautious enough to still want the work thoroughly checked.

As you know from previous blogs my fiancée contracted some electrical work prior us getting together. Whilst Dan was over, I got him to check the work.  Dan’s appraisal of the work was extremely useful.  We were reassured that it was safe, but informed that we should have legally received a P certificate within 28 days of the work being undertaken to confirm this.  My fiancée had received nothing, but at least we now know and can put the matter right.

For anybody that just requires electrical work then I would recommend DJL Services.  Certainly, should you commission me to undertake work that involves electrical work, then I would recommend also using DJL Electrical Services to undertake any electrical installations required.

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