Sheds, Summerhouses and Offices

Do you fancy sipping cocktails in a summer house? Do you need a quiet office to work away from the family? Or just a hobby room to relax in? Or a picturesque shed to store things in?

As a country we were unprepared for the Covid 19 pandemic. Suddenly the whole family was in some cases trying to work from home. In modern houses space tends to be a premium. Bedrooms are designed only for the purpose of sleep. Living rooms only have space for two settees and a television. So where can you find privacy, should you need it?

Many commercial, off the shelf wooden outbuildings are designed for storage. They are not built for all year around use or for a long life span. In contrast, a wooden outbuilding, custom made, can be designed and constructed specifically for the intended purpose; it can be designed to fit neatly into any spare areas of land; dependent on size, it is unlikely to require planning permission and the cost and red-tape of applying; it can be an attractive and unusual feature of your garden; with sufficient thought to water drainage and protection, it can be built to last for over 20 years.

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So phone me and let’s discuss your idea, requirements and let’s turn your dreams into a reality by building an outbuilding solution, which could have electricity, insulation, lead roofing, roof storage, all to your specifications.

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